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Best Organic Skin Care Products

8 Farm-to-Bottle Products to Nourish Your Face

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With continued claims of chemical-laced beauty, skin care, and hair products causing weird reactions or even making people sick, more people are opting for natural alternatives. For example, a production worker where Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits are made claimed the particles within the formula made her cough and feel ill, and news of Chaz Dean's WEN conditioner causing hair loss went viral this past Winter, inciting movement for a class action lawsuit.

When you choose to buy and eat organic, natural foods, it feels good, and is good for your body. Our philosophy is that you can extend that philosophy to your beauty routine, as well.

We had really high standards when sourcing this list of "farm-to-bottle" grooming goods, which includes everything from organic makeup remover to earth-sourced spot treatments and all-natural mascara. As you'll see in the descriptions and ingredients, we carefully dissected what goes into each of these to ensure our recommendations are the purest of the pure. Keep reading to discover your new favorite organic product!

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