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Best Ulta Hair Products For Different Textures

The Mane-Changing Hair Products You'll Find In Our Staffers' Bathrooms

We've partnered with Ulta Beauty to show how three staffers customize their routine with different products depending on their hair type. So no matter your hair type, there are different ways to own your mane this season, starting with the Gorgeous Hair Event happening now at Ulta Beauty!


At least, that's how a lot of us feel. Our hair is an integral part of our identity, so when it comes to taking care of our strands, we have a few thoughts about the products that deserve prime real estate on our bathroom shelves. The hard part is deciding which products work best for you — your hair type, your style, your life. Below, we've asked three POPSUGAR staffers, each with distinctly different hair types, to share what they look for in a haircare routine and how the right products can end up being a total mane-changer.

KIRBIE JOHNSON, host and senior video reporter

As our resident beauty guru Kirbie is pretty open about all-things beauty — including her hair. She's honest about the fact that she dyes her blonde locks and gets extensions because she's learned that taking control of her hair is the easiest way for her to be happy with the outcome. Her ultimate beauty advice (as always) is just do you! If in your heart-of-hearts you know you're meant to be a red head, why settle for brown hair?! That being said, dyeing, chemically treating, and even adding extensions to your hair can all cause some type of damage, so it's important to round out your routine with products you can rely on save the day. Whether it's a quick dry spray, a frizz minimizer, or a ceramic curling iron, opt for products that smooth, treat, and style.

T'ESSENCE MINNITEE, office coordinator

For office coordinator T'Essence, her relationship with her natural hair has been complicated to say the least. "I am grateful for the natural hair movement and how it encourages me to embrace my hair in all its glory," she said. "But learning about my hair and what it likes and doesn't like has been and interesting journey!" Currently, T'Essence's crochet braids are a protective style, so they require a unique maintenance routine. A priority? Her scalp, which is why her current beauty shelf is filled with treatments and oils designed for that sensitive area. "At the end of the day, I wouldn't trade my hair for anything! All hair is good hair." PREACH!

SARAH HASHIM-WARIS, beauty producer

Sarah's hair plays a crucial role in her South Asian roots. "Growing up, many of the Bollywood actresses I admired had super long, lush, gorgeous manes," she said. "Meanwhile, mine was not thick and had a slight uncontrollable wave to it — and not in a cute way." Growing up, she did anything any everything to get her mane voluminous while at the same time pin straight. She said striving for that type of perfection took a toll on how she saw herself. "I fought what was natural," she said. "Now, I embrace the waves and my natural, post-shower texture." She uses key products like a dry volume spray and a curling iron to play up her hair to how she feels. "It’s authentic to me and that’s what’s important."



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