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Billie Razors Donate Stock Photos of Women With Body Hair

Have You Noticed This Pattern in Women's Razor Ads?

Billie Razors Donate Stock Photos of Women With Body Hair
Image Source: Luca Venter for Billie

Close your eyes and think about the last razor commercial you saw starring a woman. A slick, sharp blade slides up the model's leg — despite the fact that her limb is suspiciously fuzz-free. You might wonder, "Why is that girl shaving if she's already got clear legs?" Such a sight has been the norm in the hair-removal industry's almost 100 years of existence.

Billie, a subscription service for women's shaving needs, has always been a little different. Since its start, the brand has worked to raise awareness about the "Pink Tax," a term used to describe how female-specific products such as razors, pads, and fashion accessories cost more than they should. Billie's products are priced in line with men's razors, which makes them cheaper than some other options. Now, the brand is tackling unreasonable beauty expectations through its latest ad campaign, which features models with body hair.

However, this move goes one step further from just being an ad campaign: Billie will donate its original photography to Unsplash, a stock image site media companies (like POPSUGAR!) source from. These pictures will be free, so anyone will be able to download and use them, meaning more and more people will start to see advertising imitate real life.

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