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Boyfriend Texts Girlfriend While Buying Her Makeup

1 Woman Sent Her Boyfriend to Buy Makeup and the Results Were Too Funny

Chances are that if you are dating a guy, his knowledge of makeup is limited. Either he picked up a few facts from his mom or sister, or you taught him everything he knows, but finer details — such as the difference between matte and gloss — are lost on him. Despite being one of these confused dudes, Imgur user Blufiz bravely headed to the beauty department of his local drugstore on behalf of his girlfriend.

His gal gave him a list with explicit instructions: find a light, bright, matte lip color with no sparkle, a fake eyelash kit with applicator, strips, and glue, and a dry shampoo. The following text conversation that ensued is nothing short of hilarious.

"Is that color close enough?" he queried, holding up what he believed to be a lipstick. "That looks like nail polish," said his girlfriend. "But yes, I like the color." Read on to see how he fared on his shopping expedition — and to see the hilarious twist at the end.

GF sent me to get makeup
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