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Carrie Underwood Makeup Tips

Carrie Underwood Dishes on Being a True DIY Girl

We often hear about celebrities having a team of hair and makeup professionals on call, but Carrie Underwood is the exception — she is her own glam squad! Underwood sat down with InStyle and shared some of her beauty secrets.

When hitting the road on a concert tour, many musicians will bring their glam squad in tow to create their many stage-ready beauty looks, but Carrie Underwood prefers to take matters into her own hands. In addition to her ability to take on many quick outfit changes, the star also moonlights as her own hairstylist and makeup artist. "I do my own hair and makeup when I'm touring, and that's something I always loved," Underwood, who is the celebrity face of Almay, tells InStyle. "It's quiet on my bus, and being able to put on my makeup and do my hair is almost therapeutic. I know that sounds kind of weird, but it really is! I love makeup, and I like the time I get to spend doing it, so it's nice to get that time for myself to play with new things."

Off-stage, Underwood has trained herself to dial down the makeup for real-life wear. "There's definitely a difference between Carrie Underwood, and Carrie at home — I prefer to keep things simple," she says. "Sometimes when I come off the road, I'm like 'Whoa, whoa girl. Easy on the eyeliner,' because I get so used to seeing myself wearing more onstage." During her downtime, she takes extra steps to give her complexion some TLC from the heavier stage makeup, and while we didn't speak to her about the wonders of oil pulling, she does credit coconut oil as one of her beauty must-haves. "It's really hydrating on my skin, and I drink a ton of water to help with that as well," adds Underwood. "I feel like those help the base. If you take good care of your body and good care of your skin, your makeup is going to look that much better."

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