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Cindy Crawford Beauty Tips

Cindy Crawford on Her Beauty Mole, Clueless, and Being Voluptuous

Cindy Crawford Beauty Tips

Cindy Crawford has the skin of a thousand cherub wings. Staring at her is like staring into the face of a summer sun. Seriously, the woman Does. Not. Age. Her secret? Beyond hitting the jackpot in the gene-pool lottery, she credits the maintenance of her fleckless complexion to her skin care line, Meaningful Beauty, of course. But beyond being one hell of a perfect spokesperson for a skin care collection, what business does a model have in launching her own brand, you might ask? We caught up with the world's most legendary supe last night about what she can bring to the skin market that no one else can, her thoughts on the famous one-liner Cher delivered about her in Clueless (hint: she's totally . . . wait for it...clueless about that mention), and how being the valedictorian of her high school (surprise!) has helped her after her days on the catwalk!

POPSUGAR: What do you think you can bring to the skin care market from a model's perspective that other people can't?

Cindy Crawford: I was with Revlon for a long time, and that was a great experience, but in the end I'm not a makeup artist. But what was part of my job was to take care of my skin. I always felt like my job was to show up with clean hair and a good palette for the makeup artist. So when my Revlon contract was up and I had this relationship with Dr. Sebaugh, I just felt like that was authentic. What I really want to bring [to the market] is Dr. Sebaugh. I'm the go-between, because most people can't go to Paris or London and get an appointment with him. I'm taking what he does and translating it. I'm the user, but he's still a man. He doesn't wear makeup and he doesn't maybe understand beauty. He understands the science and the technology, but in the end, he's not the user. So he comes [to the table] with the science, but then I come with the texture, the scents, how we're layering this and how we're using this.

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