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Color-Correcting YouTube Tutorials

12 Color-Correcting Tutorials That Will Change the Way You Apply Concealer

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By now, you have probably heard of color-correction makeup: a technique of using different shades to even out the pigments in your skin. The result is a smooth, even, and overall gorgeous complexion — the kind you see on celebrities or Instagram stars. And while we can all appreciate the flawless look that color correcting helps to achieve, it can a bit intimidating to try. Perhaps you take one look at a palette of bright, pigmented greens, blues, and reds, and think: you want me to put that all over my face? It does take research to know to blend, contour, and conceal to make this application work for you. That's where these YouTube tutorials come in. Since the process of color correcting relies heavily on knowing where to place the different colors, it helps to first view someone else doing it correctly. So keep reading to discover the secret trick to looking like you actually got sleep last night!

ModaMob takes a stab at the six-shade
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