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The Color of Your Nipple Is the Perfect Lip Shade

It Has Come to This: Your Nipple Color Is Your Perfect Lip Shade, Apparently

It's 2017, so this headline does not faze me. Maybe in 2014 I would be surprised to hear that the color of your nipple is a great hack for finding your perfect lip shade, but not today. We've seen it all: the Kylie Jenner shot glass challenge, using household items like a heel to contour, and one ballsy makeup-lover using her boyfriend's testicles to apply foundation. (Which I have so many concerns about. I don't want to smell like balls, thanks.)

Unlike these other internet trends, though, this one actually seems useful to me. I sit here, glancing at my nipple at the office while my co-workers look at me with genuine concern. Am I inspecting a mole? Did I drop a piece of food down my top? Did I just get pierced? No, my curious colleagues, I'm simply trying to decide if my nipple color is more of a Pillow Talk or an Angel.

This discussion began after someone tweeted a screenshot of an episode of The Doctors in which they discussed whether or not your nipple is your best lip shade. It was also reported that the color of your top lip is also the same shade as your nipple. This is enlightening, because I was of the opinion my bottom lip was also the shade of my top lip โ€” apparently not!

The internet obviously felt some way about this.

This paints a whole new picture when it comes to color matching. If I were in the market to make a beauty line, I'd create a slew of lip liners with names like "Are-hola," a bronzy-tan shade, "The Booby Trap," a pinky-beige, and "Simply the Breast," a deep mahogany.

Also, for what it's worth, may I kindly suggest you do not bust out your nips for the employees (and the free world) at Sephora? They have to deal with enough. No pictures either. If you must, blow up a photo of your nipple so you can only see the shade and it is does not look recognizable as your actual areola.

And in case you're wondering, turns out Pillow Talk is in fact my ideal shade. Thanks, Charlotte Tilbury!

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