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Combat Dry Skin on Busy Mornings

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On busy, rushed mornings, getting out the door on time can be the sole priority on your to-do list. Steps like picking out a perfect outfit, eating a nutritious breakfast, and moisturizing post-shower are easily skipped. To ensure your dry skin never suffers from a time-strapped morning again, Aquaphor® created an innovative Ointment Body Spray ($11) that goes on in seconds and lasts all day. Watch the video above to see how the hydrating formula and unique spray technology make moisturizing all over easier than ever, plus find other tips for getting a long-lasting glow.

We've partnered with Aquaphor® to make mornings more efficient and help you start the day with confidence.

Aquaphor® Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray
Aquaphor® Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray
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