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Different Methods of Hair Removal

Here's What Happened When 3 Editors Tried a New Hair-Removal Method

Even though the seasons are changing, body grooming is still in full effect! We’ve partnered with Nair Hair Remover to offer some editor-friendly advice on new ways to check hair removal off your fall prep list.

Sugaring, shaving, threading, plucking, lasering — when it comes to hair removal, as editors, we thought we'd tried it all. Each method had its own pros and cons and different degrees of success, but regardless, we found ourselves complacent in our hair-removal routines. But with a few bathing-suit-worthy weekends left in the season, plus a Fall social calendar that demands a perfectly groomed look, we challenged our editors to try new ways to go hairless. Testing at-home methods they've never tried before, here's what they had to say about how the switch fixed their hairy sitch.




Senior Style Editor Amanda Murray will be spending all her Fall weekends at her lake house. So her priority is a low-maintenance and easy-to-do at-home fix.

Her old routine: "When it comes to my face, I'm wary of wax, threading, or anything that can cause redness and irritation. My skin is sensitive, so it shows signs of stress easily. Lately, I've been really into dermaplaning to get rid of my peach fuzz, but I feel like I'm constantly having to maintain my hair-free face."

Her new routine: "Let's get one thing straight: this isn't your mom's depilatory cream. Honestly, I think I had a preconceived notion about how these creams worked, and the Nair Nourish Skin Renewal Hair Remover Cream for Face totally blew my mind. It was so easy to use: all I had to do was read the directions and apply. I wiped off after five minutes and all my peach fuzz was gone! (The directions said I could leave on for a few more minutes if my hair didn't come off, but not to exceed 10 minutes total.) Plus, there was no leftover redness or dry patches of skin, my face actually felt more moisturized. And bonus: It's made with 100 percent natural grape seed oil. Also, I love the fact that it's small enough to pack for a weekend away."



Associate Lifestyle Editor Tyler Atwood wants a routine with results and minimal pain so she can enjoy fun Fall outings in the city without worry.

Her old routine: "I have experimented with every hair-removal technique under the sun! I typically prefer techniques that rate lower on the pain scale, but I've completed a few rounds of laser hair removal, and I now shave to remove any remaining patches on my legs and underarms — not exactly an ouchless or easy routine."

Her new routine: "Depilatories were my preferred hair-removal method when I was a teen, and I used to get redness because the directions weren't very clear and some formulas reacted differently on my skin. It's safe to say I was a bit apprehensive about using another, especially in the height of Summer! But the Nair Nourish Skin Renewal Hair Remover Cream for Legs and Body was so easy — no guesswork involved. My legs felt smooth and soft after use, and there wasn't any irritation to be found. I was also impressed by the lack of 'depilatory aroma'; most cream hair-removal products have a very distinctive smell that I could do without. This one actually smelled amazing!"




For impromptu weekend getaways, Native Editorial Director Joanna Douglas is looking for a fast and foolproof way to remove unwanted strays.

Her old routine: "When it comes to my bikini area, I'm all about waxing. The results last longer, and it's way better than suffering with itchy razor burn. I've used at-home waxing kits before, but I would psych myself out and not rip the strips away fast enough and the pain factor didn't seem worth it. As a result, I get professional waxes about once every four to six weeks. But I hate, hate, hate letting hair grow out between visits, especially in this time of year, when I never want to turn down impromptu invites."

Her new routine: "I was amazed at how easy the Nair Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini were to use at home. First off, they didn't require heating, so I could just apply and go without any fuss. What looks like one strip can actually be peeled apart to reveal two strips of wax, so you get major bang for your buck! They're ultrasticky, so you just have to tug fast to remove hair quickly and efficiently. The strips also came in two different sizes, which are perfect for shorter hairs or random patches around your bikini line. But the best part about this product is that it's totally mess-proof, which isn't something you normally associate with wax kits. It comes with postwaxing wipes to make cleanup easy!"

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