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Dollar Shave Club Review

How I Got the Best Shave of My Life

Some women consider shaving a chore; for me, it's an obsession. I love the feel of having supersmooth, just-shaven, and moisturized legs, and I'm on a constant quest to get a closer and closer shave. The secret, I've discovered, is fresh razor blades.

The problem is that most of us tend to use our razor blades for waaaaaaaay too long. I also used to be guilty of this. When I used to shop at Walgreens, I found that about 80 percent of what I needed to buy was behind lock and key. For everything from Eucerin to bar soap to condoms, I'd have to push a little button, wait for someone to come open a case, and repeat. The additional hassle of having to point to the razor blades I wanted upon checking out ("second row . . . no, up one . . . no, not that one, the big package!") nearly drove me to madness.

Then I discovered Dollar Shave Club (via a POPSUGAR Must Have box for men), and I was hooked. You sign up for a membership ($1, $6, or $9 a month, depending on which razor you choose), DSC sends you a razor with a pack of cartridges, and then every month, you get another set of cartridges. Sure, they are technically for men, but that just means they aren't pink and don't have a cute name. They work just fine, I promise.

I'm on the 4x plan: for $6 a month, I get four four-bladed razor cartridge replacements (pictured above), which means I can use a new razor blade every single week. Even shaving my legs every other day, sometimes more, I get to use a new or almost-new blade every time.

I cannot tell you how much this has improved my shaving routine. Having supersharp blades means I can just pass over every spot once, and I don't have to press down too hard. I'm no longer obsessed with buying the best shaving cream, I never get razor burn, and my shaves are always silky smooth. Shaving is also a form of exfoliation, so I moisturize right after I get out of the shower, leaving my skin softer for longer.

Frankly, I don't really understand why everyone doesn't use this service. The razors are just as good as any drugstore brand, you get to change your blades the minute they get dull, and — the best part — I never have to point to anything behind a counter again.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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