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Drew Barrymore Gets Haircut After Instagram Bullying

Instagram Shamed Drew Barrymore Into Getting a Haircut — Not Cool, People!

Stop bullying Drew Barrymore, Instagram commenters! Drew is a busy woman. She's a mother, the owner of Flower Beauty, and an actress. And she's naturally gorgeous!

Sure, getting critiqued by strangers comes with the job of being famous — or just putting yourself out there on social media. After we heard that Instagram commenters recently hurt Drew's feeling, we felt disappointed.

According to Drew in a follow-up Instagram photo caption, "Haters gonna hate. Yesterday I saw comments on my Instagram feed about my post that were mean, cruel, and ugly. It hurt me." That said, Drew's a tough cookie, so she dealt with it. "And you know what women do when they get hurt????" she captioned. "They pick themselves up! Go get a haircut. Put on some lipstick and chant 'if you don't have something nice to say... don't say anything at all.'"

And she confirmed that she is feeling better: "Pretty is on the inside. But a little love on the outside never hurts." Preach!

OK, so you did. You shamed Drew Barrymore into getting a haircut. We hope you — and your own split ends! — are happy.

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