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Easy Homemade Face-Mask Recipes That Are Celeb-Approved

3 Easy Face-Mask Recipes You Can Make at Home With Ingredients in Your Kitchen

Easy Homemade Face-Mask Recipes That Are Celeb-Approved
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd

There's something so satisfying about mixing and making your own beauty remedies. From body scrubs and face masks to DIY lip scrubs, there's an added sense of accomplishment when you get to craft products using items you already have in your kitchen — not to mention, it's budget-friendly.

You can use store-bought face masks to detox, brighten, and exfoliate, or you can use grocery items in your pantry to achieve the same skin goals. Mimi Luzon, a celebrity aesthetician who has worked with stars like Naomi Campbell, Kaia Gerber, and the Hadid sisters, swears by homemade face masks.

"I currently do a different face mask every day," Luzom said. "Following Eastern skin-care practices, it's extremely beneficial for our skin to use a face mask with a different function every day; it could be firming, luminizing, moisturizing, or detoxifying. Of course, you can use any mask you have in the house every other day, or you can make your own treatments at home."

Ahead, Luzon shared three of her favorite at-home face masks that you can make with simple ingredients.

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