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Epsom Salts Beauty Hacks

3 Easy Ways to Use Epsom Salt in Your Beauty Routine Tonight

Epsom Salts Beauty Hacks

If you pulled a muscle working out, your grandmother probably told you to take a bath in Epsom salts. First, you may be wondering, what exactly are Epson salts? It is not the same particle as the stuff you sprinkle on food or Dead Sea salt. In fact, it is not actually a salt at all, but rather a pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate sourced from spring in a town called Epsom located in Surrey, England.

Now back to your grandmother's advice. Epsom salts are considered to be an old-school treatment for anything from joint pain to swollen feet, healing a sunburn, and even relieving an ingrown toenail. But the drugstore product has some chic uses as well! You can mix it with regular bath products, such as body wash or conditioner to create detoxifying concoctions. Keep reading to learn specific DIYs featuring Epsom salts and why they're so beneficial.

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