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Everything You Need to Know About Natural Skincare

Everything You Need to Know About Natural Skincare — Straight From Beauty Mogul Tata Harper

Have a question or two about skincare? We did! That's why we teamed up with the Sephora Beauty Insider Community to join the latest "Live Chat" with Tata Harper. See the questions we got answered below and be sure to check out the Community Events Thread for info on the next one!

Tata Harper, known as the "Queen of Green," is the person you want to chat with if you're interested in clean beauty. Originally from Columbia, Tata now lives with her husband, children, and even a few employees on her 1,200-acre farm in Vermont. (To give you some context, Central Park is only 840 acres.) One visit to the farm and you'll enjoy idyllic views, garden tours, livestock, and mostly importantly, a factory where she produces her cult-favorite namesake skincare line.

These days it would seem as though you can't walk into a Sephora, flip through a magazine, or read any type of skincare roundup that doesn't include one, two, or maybe three of those little green-and-gold glass jars.

And while I've heard all about Tata Harper from beauty bloggers, Instagram influencers, YouTubers, and other beauty editors, it's not everyday you can actually talk — in real time — with the founder and creator of your favorite brand. So when I heard about Tata Harper's Sephora Beauty Insider Community Live Chat, you better believe I logged on to ask a few questions about the clean beauty movement.

But it was no surprise that other Community members were also engaged and curious, and I ended up learning so much in the hour-long Live Chat. I wasn't the only one curious about a clean beauty routine and I even got answers to questions I didn't know I was wondering about! You can still read the entire Live Chat here, but in the meantime below is a breakdown of some smart Qs and Tata's most interesting skincare answers and suggestions. There goes my monthly Sephora budget!

Q. I was wondering if you could explain the difference between "clean beauty" vs. "nature inspired?"

@TataHFounder: For us, natural means that it grows on the earth — it wasn’t man-made and it wasn’t found under the surface of the earth, like petroleum. Being 100% natural means that we don’t use any synthetic ingredients. We’re all about sourcing the best high-quality ingredients. Some skincare companies use things that belong in machines or cars like propylene glycol . . . we’re not machines so why would we put this on our skin?

“Nature-inspired” means the formula can have natural ingredients like orchids or rose extracts but it also has synthetic ingredients most likely as the base, or emulsifier or preservative in the formula. If the formula has any presence of synthetic ingredients, then it’s not really 100% natural.

Q. What are your must-have foods for internal and external wellness?

@TataHFounder: Your skin needs 1/3rd of everything you eat, so I try to include a lot of fruit and vegetables in the mornings. My breakfast is a lot fruit bowls with berries, apricots, and bananas and mix it with honey. Mid day snack I love dark chocolate and Kind Bars — those are my go-to snacks. Dinner, I like to keep it light. I eat a lot of vegetables like cauliflower heads with parmesan cheese, or artichokes with vinegar and lemon. I recently sautéed Brussels sprouts with pine nuts and parmesan cheese and lemon. Also a lot of mushrooms and spinach.

Q. I want to get into clean beauty. What would you recommend I start with in terms of cleansing and moisturizing?

@TataHFounder: For a cleanser I recommend the Regenerating Cleanser. It’s one of our best selling products and it’s important to exfoliate as we’re aging so your skin is glowy and it will absorb the rest of your products better. Glowing skin is healthy skin!

For moisturizer, I suggest the Repairative Moisturizer . . it’s lightweight and has 29 active ingredients to deeply hydrate.

Q. I have extremely sensitive skin with contact allergies to chemicals commonly found in skincare. Suggestions?

@TataHFounder: I recommend finding out what chemicals you’re sensitive to, so you can easily avoid them. It may be best to use a line that’s a little more simple than ours, since ours contains so many active ingredients. If you’re interested in trying one of our products then I would suggest the Repairative Moisturizer.

Q. Which moisturizer of your line would you recommend for an oily skin type?

@TataHFounder: The Repairative Moisturizer is meant for drier skin types, but we’ve found that it works for a lot of our customers with oilier skin types! I also recommend trying out our Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil. I know it sounds weird to use an oil if you have oily skin, but face oils help to balance the amount of oil your skin produces.

Q. Is there a product you think would be essential to incorporate into a daily Summer skincare routine?

@TataHFounder: Summer is pretty muggy and hot . . . we’re always sweating. What’s essential for Summer is our Hydrating Floral Essence. It’s a mist and it’s like a liquid moisturizer with tons of hyaluronic acid to give you moisture. You can keep it in your beach bag!

Q. Is there an all-natural ingredient that you should look for over man-made ingredients?

@TataHFounder: There isn’t one, there are thousands. Typically, man-made ingredients are made to replicate the results of natural products in a cheaper, more predictable way. I particularly love neuropeptides like Spanish Lavender, Spilanthes, and Snowflake Bulb to smooth wrinkles.

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