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Eyeliner Tips | Tutorial

8 Brilliant Eyeliner Hacks Every Makeup Junkie Should Know

Eyeliner is one of those makeup items that can wreak havoc on your emotional well-being — it can enhance your peepers, or it can end up destroying any type of makeup confidence you had. Having done my makeup for quite some time now (did you think I was going to put a number on it?), I've learned a few tricks of the trade from top makeup artists, plus a ton of trial and error.

For instance, create a wing by going from your lid to your lash line — not the other way around. Otherwise the wing will get longer, and longer, and looonger. Tape is an interesting option for rookies: if you want a sharp wing but are still learning the proper technique, a small piece of tape can help create your vision without a ton of fuss. I wouldn't recommend using it every time you create a wing, but it's a great jumping-off point until you master the art that is winged liner.

Check out these ideas plus six other helpeful tips for getting the perfect eyeliner application, and let me know your favorite eyeliner trick in the comments!

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