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Ezra Miller Met Gala Makeup 2019

Ezra Miller Just Did a Red Carpet Makeup First, and BRB, We're Still Recovering

Ezra Miller Met Gala Makeup 2019

Ezra Miller didn't just turn up to the Met Gala, as one Twitter user analyzed: "Ezra Miller understood the assignment, turned it in early, did extra credit, and checked in to see if there was anything else she needed to do to ensure successful completion." Extra credit he certainly delivered, and we couldn't take our eyes off him, literally. His makeup artist, Mimi Choi told POPSUGAR via email, "Ezra's interpretation of the theme "camp" is an ultimate transformation that everyone goes through at least once in their life. The multiple eyes represent his layers hidden beneath an exterior mask that was revealed on the red carpet."

Miller's look was all about the optical illusion, and we're still dizzy in awe, so it only made sense that he called in illusion expert and Instagram talent Mimi Choi to create the masterpiece. The illusion makeup artist is no stranger to making a face look both eerie and mesmerizing all at the same time, and Miller's look was certainly no different. Choi painstakingly hand-painted five eyes on the actor to create a trippy effect using Mehron Mimi Choi Illusion Palette ($70), Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencils ($18), and Velour and House of Lashes for the added 3D effect, finished off with a classic MAC Ruby Woo ($18).

With a start time of 4 a.m., the look took five hours to create as the concept was adjusted and positioning of the eyes changed. Although the makeup was completed by 9:30a.m., she was around throughout the day for touchups. As for the collaboration and inspiration behind the look, Choi said her and Miller had an in-depth conversation about what they wanted to achieve and they both had a past look of hers in mind. Choi explained, she "enjoyed the spontaneity and collaborative nature of the process as Ezra has such a creative mind and is an incredible canvas to work on."

Get a closer look at the process of his intricate illusion makeup, but maybe take a seat first because things are about to get trippy.

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