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Face Scrubs Without Microbeads

Don't Panic — These Scrubs Are Completely Sans Microbeads

Take a closer look at your facial or body scrub. Does it contain microbeads? Microbeads are those teeny tiny nubs found in your exfoliants to help slough off dead skin. Although plenty of dermatologists shun microbeads because they're abrasive and can tear skin, they tend to pop up in a lot of formulas — especially ones that don't cost as much (sorry, penny pinchers). Not only are microbeads bad for your skin, but they are typically made of plastic that wind up in lakes and oceans once you rinse them off your face. This is a huge problem when you consider the fact that fish may eat them, and then you may eat that fish. Bad situation.

The good news is that President Barack Obama recently signed a bill into law banning the tiny particles from personal care products. To clarify, this now means that any plastic fragments less than five millimeters inside intended for use as an exfoliant will no longer be legal. This is great news for the environment!

So, whether your favorite exfoliant may be losing its microbeads or you're looking to go green with your skin care regimen, we're here to help. We've rounded up our top scrubs that use natural ingredients, like salt, sugar, fruit acids, and crushed walnut pieces (nut allergies beware), to revive your skin. And if you aren't sure whether your scrub contains microbeads, check the ingredients for "polyethylene." If it's in there, that means the beads are, too. The more you know . . .

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