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Fall Beauty Changes

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The changing temperatures signal it's time to make a few adjustments to your beauty routine. That's why we partnered with Pantene for this post.

The crunch of fallen leaves signals the change of seasons, but that doesn't mean your skin needs to dry out, too. Once you start seeing the vibrant colors of Fall popping, it's a reminder to move away from products you've been loving all Summer. Gone are the days of balmy-hot heat that leaves you frazzled, but cooler temps can cause breakouts and dry locks. Here's how to stay vibrant.

  1. Turn it down: It may be getting cooler outside, but avoid turning up the heat in the shower. Hot temps can dry out hair, plus irritate skin. Stick with a lukewarm to warm temperature and your skin and hair will thank you.
  2. Swap your wash: If you've spent all Summer by the pool, it's time to swap your body wash for something that will clean and moisturize your skin. Look for ones that include exfoliating ingredients that also buff, leaving you glowing.
  3. Use your conditioner: Lock in moisture for shimmering hair with the right conditioner. Using conditioner helps remove impurities while rebuilding hair's protective layer, so when you skip it, your hair is more prone to damage. Add your favorite bottle to your shower caddy alongside shampoo. Using the two together makes for clean and nourished hair.
  4. Exfoliate! You may have only been exfoliating a few times a month during Summer, but you can kick that up to three times a week to shed debris, revealing glowing skin. Use a nonabrasive exfoliator for Fall-ready skin — and don't forget your lips!
  5. Indulge your toes: Summer is all about sandals, which can leave them so beat up. Just because we're moving into bootie season doesn't mean your feet deserve to be forgotten. A warm foot bath at the end of a long day is so luxurious.
  6. Wear sunscreen: Even though the days are getting shorter, you should still wear a layer of sunscreen under your foundation, even if your moisturizer says it's included. Look for ones that include UVA and UVB protection and an ingredient list that includes zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and avobenzone.
  7. Adjust your foundation: You may have skewed darker for Summer, but now is the time to double-check your foundation shade. No one wants to have the dreaded ring around the jawline, so pick up a lighter shade of your favorite base makeup for the transition. And it's time to ditch the bronzer until next year.
  8. Go dark: Gone are the light hues of warmer weather; richer colors are in this Fall. Tweak your nail polish and lipstick shades to plums, browns, on-trend nudes, or mauves.

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