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Find the Right Perfume For Your Age

Find the Perfect Fragrance For Your Age

The facts are in, and we've finally got a bead on what women want when it comes to fragrance (gentlemen, listen up). Recently Elizabeth Arden with the help of scent psychologist, Dr. Rachel Herz, conducted research to better understand the link between odors and perception, emotion, memory, and cognition. Dr. Herz did a study with ladies in many different stages of life and found that every age group chooses fragrance for different reasons.

"Fragrance choices are similar to fashion choices," she said. "Although all women primarily chose a particular fragrance because they like the scent there are other strong external influences on her fragrance selection that vary as a function of a woman's age." With her advice in mind, we've rounded up the best scents for every age group, which is sure to come in handy with Mother's Day right around the corner.

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