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Geode Body Art

This Makeup Artist Paints Geodes On Her Body, and The Results Are Mesmerizing

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It's no secret that we're pretty obsessed with all things geode, as you might have noticed by our nails or lips over the past year or so. It's a trend that shows no signs of dying down, and we're still in love with the colorful crystals. However, this time, the designs are on the body instead.

Self-taught makeup artist Katy Tolj has created the most incredible geode body art using makeup, and you'll be scrolling through her colorful series for hours.

Katy takes her inspiration from geodes and crystals because of how unique the structures are. She told POPSUGAR that "ever since I was little, I've been so intrigued by [crystals], the shapes and colors." Katy also told us that she wanted to create a SFX cut-up arm look that wasn't gory, and make it into a beautiful geode.

Arms are Katy's specialty, but she's also done a full face of crystal art and wants to expand to her legs. We're pretty sure that if we had one of these, we'd never shower again.

She uses Lime Crime Diamond Crushers ($18), an array of chunky glitters (she couldn't pick a favorite!), and Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation ($37) to create a flawless base.

We're wondering what she'll do next. Geode eye makeup? Full body geode? We approve of both, naturally.

Ahead, see some of our favorite geode creations. BRB while we book a trip to Australia for an appointment with Katy.

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