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Girl Washes Hair With Nair

The Internet Is Not Convinced This 1 Girl Washed Her Hair Off With Nair

We've all probably mistaken a bottle of conditioner or body wash for shampoo. But one girl from Massachusetts is claiming to have accidentally washed her hair off of her scalp after shampooing with Nair hair removal cream.

Kayla Connors posted a photo of her sister with a significantly large bald spot as a result of the shampoo snafu. In the photo, which has since become a viral meme, her sister is seen looking less than thrilled with the center of her head completely free of hair (though smaller patches are visible from the side). The internet has been freaking out over the supposed mishap, but we're pretty confident that the viral image is just another social media hoax.

While it is easy to mistake other body care products for your regular bottle of shampoo, the distinct smell of Nair is a great indicator for setting it apart from the typical clean whiff of a shampoo lather. There are also tons of hair-warping apps on the internet that allow people to trade in their strands to try on virtual styles (like a bald head!).

Whether or not the photo is real (in this case we hope it isn't), always pay close attention to the liquids you use in the shower to prevent a hair nightmare like this from happening IRL. Read on to see what Twitter had to say about the viral image.

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