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Gretchen Grundler Body Paint

This Gretchen Grundler Body Paint Will Amaze You With Nostalgia

Gretchen Grundler Transformation! My favourite recess character! from MakeupAddiction

If you grew up in the early aughts, chances are Gretchen Grundler is your favorite fictional know-it-all. The Recess character and yo-yo enthusiast was practically an icon of preteen feminism due to her unabashed intellect and quietly badass nature. If you recall, girlfriend was smarter than most of her teachers.

One Redditor who goes by the handle @summakeup just did a makeup look that's worthy of Gretchen's near-perfection. After seeing this crazy-good bodypainting, you'll probably feel very nostalgic.

According to @summakeup, this extremely realistic look took about three to four hours to accomplish. While the photo might make you do a double take at first, zoom in and try to spot any editing . . . you won't be able to find it.


As @summakeup wrote in the comments section of her post, one of her biggest tricks for completing this look includes using black paint to "block out areas" she doesn't need, and shooting her final photos in front of a black backdrop. That all factors into achieving Gretchen's absurdly skinny cartoon frame.

We're in total awe of this transformation, and will keep our eyes peeled for more of @summakeup's work — who wouldn't love to see a Helga G. Pataki look?

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