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Gwyneth Paltrow For Restorsea Interview

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Us Some Pretty Surprising Beauty Admissions

Gwyneth Paltrow For Restorsea Interview

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We were so excited that Gwyneth Paltrow is the new ambassador for Restorsea that we had to find out more about why she signed on with the line, her beauty routine, and, of course, what she's up to next. We had a chance to chat with her one-on-one this week, and here's everything we found out.

We have to admit that we were a little surprised to hear that she hasn't always been the biggest product junkie. "I've never been a woman who's very interested in makeup and products. I'm kind of like a tomboy in that way," Paltrow told us. The change for her came in recognizing that it was time to be more rigorous about her skin care regimen. "I don't want to do anything to change my face," she explained. "I like the fact that I'm 41, that I've been through everything I've been through. And I like my lines, but at the same time you want to look the best version of yourself as you age. You want to age gracefully. And I think it's beautiful to get older, and to embrace the life that you've lived, but I also think part of that is wanting to look after your skin a little bit more, and just be a little more proactive."

And it turns out that the skin care she gravitated to was Restorsea, which she said brought "a dewy freshness" to her complexion. So the fit seemed natural. "When they asked me to work with them, I thought it was wonderful because it's a product that I use every day," she noted. "It's a really nice, authentic partnership." Paltrow's favorites in the line include the night cream, which she says she uses "even in the day," the eye cream, and the hand cream. (You can order her handpicked assortment as a starter kit on

We had to ask Paltrow about getting ready for big red carpets, because come on, she pretty much kills it every time. Interestingly, she admitted that she takes more of a lifestyle approach than an event-specific approach to her routine. "I make it part of my life to exercise every day and to try to look after myself," Paltrow said. "Unless I have something really specific on screen, I wouldn't do a special diet for a premiere. I try to maintain a healthy, strong body and to look after myself in terms of the food that I'm eating." And it sounds like we have plenty of occasions to see Paltrow out and about with a full slate of projects including a Fall film with Johnny Depp, as well as a stint back on Glee for the series's 100th episode, which premiered last night (check out her work singing "Happy" in the show). We can also expect "some big things with the website []," but the vast majority of her time is still spent focusing on raising her children. As long as she can sneak in the occasional premiere so we can ogle her enviable shoes and glowing skin, we're pretty happy.

Source: Courtesy of Restorsea

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