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Hairstylist Gives Her Grandma a Blowout After 17 Years

This Grandma's Smile After Getting Her First Blowout Will Make You Feel Things

A stylist from Moscow, Russia, who wrote on Instagram that hair transformations are "[her] life," just gave the grandmother of makeovers to none other than her very own grandma, Shurraaa. In a heartwarming video that should be nominated for Best Picture, Avetisyan turns Shurraaa into a glamorous diva/all of us after a blowout.

When the masterpiece begins, Shuraaaa looks sad, sporting some frizzy, gray, braided hair that needs a little TLC. Gloomy violin music plays, because a sweeping drama such as this one deserves a killer soundtrack. Then, the bass drops, and we see Shurraaa postblowout.

While we all pretty much turn into the hair-flip emoji right after a trip to the salon, we're not sure if we've ever looked this fierce. Avetisyan even managed to give her grandmother an outfit change and wind fan! Diva status truly has no age limit.


And even though watching this video for the first time made us yell "WORK IT" at our computer screens, the clip also carries an important message about the redemptive qualities of self-care. You can see how Shuraaa's heavy, waist-length hair holds her spirit down, so it's truly touching to see her gain new confidence after receiving a banging blowout.

Avetisyan rounded out the inspiring transformation by giving Shurraaa a soft pink lip, dark mascara, and some brow filling. But it's when we translated Avetisyan's Instagram caption that the emotions started flowing. It turns out that it took Avetisyan and her family "17 years" to "persuade" Shuraaa to come into the salon. According to the stylist, "every time she found a lot of reasons to cancel everything. For the first time. . . I was able to persuade her to agree to a transformation."

From the satisfied look on her grandmother's face, it looks like that streak is over.

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