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Holographic Unicorn Skull Halloween Makeup

This Woman's Holographic Skull Makeup Will Give You Beautiful Nightmares

Holographic Unicorn Skull Halloween Makeup

It's the classic beauty junkie Halloween dilemma: do we choose bright, rainbow Halloween makeup or a superspooky zombie look? Luckily for us, Vanessa Davis, a Mexican-British face artist, has a solution: just do both!

Known as "The Skulltress," Davis creates holographic skull makeup that's something out of an undead Lisa Frank coloring book. Her looks have won her an audience of over 300,000 followers who tune in to her mosaic-esque looks that are both chic and creepy.

Davis told POPSUGAR that she is inspired by tattoo artists, color, and "the structure of human anatomy." Indeed, her designs are just as realistic as some medical textbooks — if medical textbooks were written in neon ink.

According to Davis, she was inspired to start skull makeup after discovering Face Lace, a London-based company that sells holographic face stickers (Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, and the late David Bowie have all been fans).

Read on for our favorite of Davis's designs, including a fantastical interpretation of the terrifying Silence of the Lambs poster art.

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