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How to Buy the Lush Fidget Spinner

Lush Created the Fidget Spinner We Never Knew We Needed

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Have you ever thought, "Gee, I really wish I could take my fidget spinner into the bath with me"? Probably not, but you will after seeing what the geniuses at Lush Kitchen just cooked up. According to the brand's Instagram, Lush designed this new invention "For those days where you just can't sit still."

The reusable Bubble Spinner ($7) rotates three mini citrus Bath Bombs underneath your tub's faucet. Since mandarin and lemon scents are known to reduce anxiety, this product seems like the beauty girl's alternative to the original stress-relieving children's toy.

Sure, it might get tiring holding the spinner while your bath fills as opposed to just dropping in an old-school bomb. But this thing is so frickin' cute that we can't resist. And apparently, neither could anyone in the UK, where the first batch sold out almost immediately back in July. Two months later, the Bubble Spinner have finally hit stateside. These products will be available online Sept. 15 and in-stores Sept. 18.

A post shared by Lush Kitchen (@lushkitchen) on

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