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How to Change Beauty Routine by Season

This Is Exactly How to Change Your Beauty Routine Between Seasons

No, it's not just a beauty industry myth; you really should be changing your beauty routine based on the weather. We've partnered with Sephora to give you the 411.

We tend to live our lives at the mercy of the weather. From our wardrobes to weekend plans to where we vacation, a little sun, snow, or rain can sway our decisions significantly. But are you applying the same philosophy to your beauty routine? If your answer falls anywhere between "nope" and "kinda," it's time to change that. Ahead, we're breaking down three important ways you can take a seasonal approach to your beauty routine and revealing a brand-new tool to help you find all the right products.

Hydrate Accordingly


Skin health and hydration go hand in hand. When the weather is shifting, it's important to pay close attention to your own hydration levels and how your skin is responding to the environment.

On the formula front, reach for lightweight moisturizers (gels, water creams) during the warmer months when humidity levels are high. Save the thicker, more emollient options for cooler temps when humidity levels plummet. These will feel like a hydrating treat to dry and cracked skin. And to ensure it doesn't suffer any added stress, resist the urge to wash your hands and body in steamy-hot water. While it may feel good in the moment, it can dehydrate your skin significantly.

Keep Extra Foundations on Deck


If you wouldn't wear your Winter parka in peak Summer heat, don't wear your heaviest foundation then either. Take a similar approach to skin hydrators and let the temperature and humidity levels help determine your formula and coverage needs. Don't forget to consider your skin type and tone, too; all of these factors will help you choose your best foundation match for any given day or climate.

And for a little extra help — and virtually no effort on your part — get acquainted with our handy Makeup Forecaster tool at the bottom of this post. No matter where you are in the world, it'll serve up your perfect beauty lineup based on the weather in your city — today, tomorrow, and all week long.

Address (and Prevent) Sun Damage


If you thought we were going to suggest introducing an SPF into your skincare routine come Summer, allow us to politely correct you; really, SPF should be worn all year round. No matter how gloomy the sky may look, damaging UV rays never disappear — they're just hiding.

Instead, think about seasonal sun care in terms of how you can repair your skin as Summer moves into Fall and days get shorter and darker. Look for products with healing antioxidants that help repair skin, and lay off peels and harsh acids.

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