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How to Cover Blemishes | MIMI

The Secret to Covering and Treating Life-Ruining Blemishes

Below is an excerpt from "Confessions of a Skin-Picker: The Secret to Covering and Treating Life-Ruining Blemishes," which originally appeared on MIMI. Read the full story here.

My name is Marianne Mychaskiw, and I'm an obsessive skin-picker. Perhaps "obsessive" isn't exactly the right word anymore — my talent of turning a mole hill into a mountain has plagued me for over a decade, but I've gotten much better about my habit since my high school years. Back then, I stuck to a "my skin is bad and must be punished" mindset that prompted me to extract every single blocked pore I could see. I would spend over an hour poking and prodding in front of the mirror. These days, I'm far less-aggressive and can probably claim I'm in recovery, though thanks to my annoying habit of going hard on particularly stubborn blemishes once in a while, I still have to pull out my old tricks. Discover them here.

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