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How to Depot Eye Shadow

This Genius Eye Shadow Hack Lets You Save Space and Create Custom Palettes

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For makeup addicts, saving space is an essential part of maintaining a collection. It doesn't matter if we're running out of space in our Ikea Alex drawers — sooner or later we are going to need the latest eye shadow, blush, or highlighter and attempt to cram another product into our overflowing assortment.

It's at that moment when savvy beauty enthusiasts take a tip from the pros and save space by depotting. This consists of removing eye shadow (and other pressed powder formulas) from bulky packaging and popping the pans into magnetic palettes. By depotting your favorite shades, makeup becomes easily accessible and drawers suddenly have room for even more products.

Depotting doesn't just act as an organization technique — it also makes packing super simple. As you might know, it can be hard to decide which eye shadow palettes should travel with you. With this method, you can select exactly the colors you want to take with you on your trip and build a custom palette. Genius!

Read on to find out how to use this method for a more organized and transportable makeup collection.

Image Source: Flickr user bcrueltyfree
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