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How to Find the Best Blush For My Skin Tone | Yahoo! Beauty

How to Find the Perfect Blush Color For Your Complexion

Unless you're a professionally trained makeup artist, color matching can be a daunting task. Makeup expert and Yahoo! Beauty Editor-in-Chief Bobbi Brown shared a few tips for choosing the perfect shade of blush for your skin tone.

Finding the right shade of blush is pretty simple. The key is to go with a blush that matches the color your cheek naturally turns when you pinch it. It's usually a shade of pink to peach depending on your skin tone.

  • If you have alabaster or porcelain skin, you will look best in a pale pastel pink shade with cool tones.
  • For skin that eventually tans by the end of the Summer, go with a pink that is a bit dustier.
  • For skin that tans easily and rarely burns, go tawnier pink that has some brown tones in it.
  • Women with tan, warm skin tones should choose an almost plum blush that looks like a rich pink when applied.
  • For deeper skin tones, redder shades that have bluish shades like cranberry leave a beautiful finish.
  • Blush is available in powder, cream, or gel formulas. Powder is the easiest to apply. Gel will add a pretty sheen. Cream blush will leave a very natural looking glow (just don't forget to blend).
  • You can find blush in both sheer and shimmer finishes; it's really just about which one you prefer and finding a blush that creates a pretty, healthy glow.

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