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How to Fix Skin After Pregnancy

How I Reset My Skin in Just 4 Weeks

The best skin of your life is just four weeks away! We've partnered with StriVectin to show you how its four-week skin-reset treatment is a total game changer.

One could say 2018 was a hallmark year for me. I started the year pregnant with my first child and at a still-newish job, and while it was all very exciting, the combination of hormones and stress left my usually clear skin looking a bit distressed and unfamiliar. It felt as though my skin went through a fundamental change — it was suddenly duller, unevenly textured, and red in certain spots. Plus, I started to notice a few fine lines and basically went into a full-on panic. My normal beauty routine was no longer working, I was nervous to try something new, and I was getting increasingly frustrated.

Cue my 2019 resolution! In an attempt to resuscitate the prebaby complexion I knew and loved, I decided to undergo what I like to call a four-week skin care boot camp. Basically, I hit reset on my skin using the StriVectin Skin Reset 4-Week Intensive Rejuvenation System.

The StriVectin Skin Reset System was the perfect solution for me. It's a four-week intensive rejuvenation system, but it only required me to use one product a week, twice a day. Each week, you move on to the next serum for a whole new list of benefits. Since becoming a new mom, my once-robust skin care routine was the first thing to go, but I figured I could handle incorporating one serum into my morning and evening routine. Read on to see how this system breathed new life into my skin and made me feel more like myself.

Week 1: I knew going back to work would be hard, but I wasn't prepared for how challenging and stressful juggling motherhood and a career could be. Now, more than ever, I needed a routine that was easy, manageable, and — most of all — effective! Week 1 was all about replenishing essential moisture to my skin. The key ingredient? A proprietary sea salt ferment, which helps deliver intense and lasting hydration. I started noticing a difference in my skin. It felt more supple and less dull, and moisture was definitely improved!

Week 2: Working on my skin care inspired me to work on other aspects of my health and wellness as well. I made a conscious effort to drink more water (something I've never been good at) and to eat more greens and fresh foods. I noticed when I started feeling better about my skin, I wanted to invest in the rest of me as well! The serum for Week 2 featured a blend of ceramides and wild yam root, which is known to relieve signs of hormonal stress — something I definitely had a lot of postpartum. My skin was feeling more bouncy, softer, and smoother. By now I was looking forward to applying the serum every morning and evening – it was a lovely little ritual that woke my skin up.

Week 3: Hello, four-month sleep regression! Suddenly my normally good sleeper was waking up every hour on the hour and I was spending most nights getting in and out of bed. It was awful and exhausting, but hey — my skin was starting to look better than ever! The phytoactive blend of plant extracts in the Week 3 serum helped to even out my skin tone. My skin no longer felt blotchy, red, or inflamed. The texture of Week 3's serum was a little bit creamier than the rest; I loved how calming and soothing it felt going on, and I was worried about it layering under my moisturizer, but it sank in immediately!

Week 4: Week after week, I noticed several overall improvements to my skin, but by Week 4, the transformation was really noticeable. I was starting to get compliments on my skin, and no one was telling me I looked tired (which we all know is code for "you look like crap"). I was feeling more confident, well rested, and glowy. I could even skimp on the concealer every now and then. By the end of Week 4, fine lines that had begun to develop on my forehead had all but diminished and my skin was feeling rejuvenated overall.

My final thoughts? So worth it! The entire StriVectin system was a fairly easy, noninvasive way for me to get my "old" skin back. I loved that all I had to do was add a serum and it still worked with the rest of my skin care routine. There were no sudden changes that rattled my skin, and unlike most skin care treatments that make you look worse before you look better, my skin just kept improving week-after-week!

Credits: Photography: Lauren Perlstein