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How to Get Longer Eyelashes

17 Products For People With Teeny-Tiny Eyelashes

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If your eyes are the windows into your soul, then your eyelashes are the curtains that dress them. Every girl wants lush, velvety curtains to frame her eyes, not some bits of straw. Where am I going with this metaphor? We women care a great deal about the state of our eyelashes. However, not all flutters are created equal. Some ladies are born with naturally full, long strands that cast seductive shadows across their cheeks like tiny little fans. Others are born with broken blinds that don't close. If you couldn't already tell, I'm of the latter camp.

While I often get complimented on the hair on my head — although I have reasons to vent about that too — people who have examined my eyelashes have literally said the words, "Oh yeah, they are really small." That's because they look like peach fuzz around my eyes. My natural lashes are maybe half of a centimeter at their longest and just two or three millimeters at their shortest. Believe me, the lack of length is not just an aesthetic bummer — when it's windy out, I always get dust and debris in my eyes. But perhaps even more frustrating than being born with sparse lashes are the many trials and tribulations I've undertaken to try and change that.

I've tested different types of mascaras (lengthening, volumizing, thickening, the kind that looks sort of like faux lashes), lash-growing serums, extensions, and falsies. (I was only able to try extensions once before the beautician told me that my natural ones were too small and sparse to build extensions on — a truly sad catch-22.)

I'll never forget the feeling I had when I looked into the mirror after the first time I got a faux flutter. I had lashes! They may have not been mine, but they were affixed to my face and would be there for at least two weeks! It was thrilling, and soon addictive. I even wear goggles when I shower so that water doesn't get into my lashes and dilute the glue. Yes, I have a problem. What started out as a harmless love affair has become detrimental not to just my wallet, but also my fringe. Every time I remove the fake ones, real lashes come off with them. So I have had to pull back.

Luckily Latisse is available, and as soon as my current set of faux lashes runs its course, I will be applying the growth serum religiously. I am hoping with all of my might that it will finally give me long — who am I kidding, medium-size — natural lashes, thus ending my search once and for all.

In the meantime, since I've tried and tested a veritable smorgasbord of eyelash products, I can offer some insight and recommendations to other girls who dream of lusher lashes. So keep reading for a tour of all the tools I've tested that could seriously help your lash game.

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