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How to Get Rid of Toe Hair

This Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Toe Hair, According to a Dermatologist

Nothing should stop you from busting out your favorite pair of sandals on a sweltering day. But if you'd rather not parade your toe hair all over town, you may feel uncomfortable at the thought of a buying those cork mules you've been obsessing over. Of course, you have no obligation to remove your foot fuzz — full disclosure, the author of this post gives zero f*cks about her own. But just in case you do, we enlisted the help of two experts to reveal the best way to get hair the hell off of your toes — and surprisingly, this preferred method does not involve a razor.

"Most of the skin on your body has hair follicles."

"Hair on the dorsal toes is perfectly normal, although commonly unwanted," said Dr. Nava Greenfield of NYC's Schweiger Dermatology Group. "Most of the skin on your body has hair follicles." Your fur can be beneficial — it regulates sweat production and body temperature, while adding an extra layer of skin protection. Your own personal hormones play a large role in how much hair you have, along with the size and thickness of strands. According to Dr. Greenfield, "The most effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair is laser hair removal."

If you're ready to zap those suckers off, you should know a few things before you book a laser appointment. According to Ari Marom, founder of NY Laser Outlet, the procedure "works on most hair colors except blonde, red, and gray hair." This is because the energy from a laser is less able to be absorbed on lighter colored pigments. That said, laser can be used on all skin types, as long as you discuss any existing conditions with your doctor first.

To keep your toes completely hair-less via laser, you'll need to book six treatments every four to eight weeks to start. After that, you'll probably need to go in for maintenance or touch-ups once or twice a year, depending on your hair's texture. Make sure to shave one day before your treatment.

If you're trying laser because you want to show off your feet in sandals during a sunny Summer getaway, be sure to plan ahead. Marom said that for any laser treatment, it's important to avoid the sun for two weeks before and after your treatment, as the procedure makes your skin more susceptible to burning and scarring.

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