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How to Hide a Tattoo With Makeup | Video

How to Easily Camouflage a Tattoo With Makeup

If you have a tattoo, chances are, you're not worried about hiding it. But if one day you need to make it disappear on the fly, we've got you covered. (Literally.)

There are two techniques to consider: first, the cream-based option, which utilizes concealer or a lip liner. The second, powder, isn't difficult to master, but requires the perfect orange shade of shadow or blush. Regardless of the technique you use, start by shaving the area to get rid of any hair (which can make the cover-up look suspicious) and apply an eyeshadow primer to ensure long-lasting coverage. Also, powder will be your best friend, so keep it on deck to set your camouflage masterpiece.

And if you plan on sweating or getting in the water, these tricks probably won't do you any good. Instead, opt for professional grade products that are alcohol-activated. (Yeah, we tried the hair spray trick — no dice.)

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