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How Lipsticks Are Made

Have You Ever Wondered How Lipsticks Are Made?

How Lipsticks Are Made

When you're swiping your favorite lipstick in the morning, do you ever wonder how it's made? From choosing the ingredients that make up the best formulas to molding the lipstick into the ideal shape, a lot of work goes into one lip color. I was lucky enough to go behind the scenes with Boots, the UK's biggest drugstore (whose No7 range is now available in the US), for a look at how its No7 lipsticks are formulated. Armed with my lab coat and protective goggles, I had the chance to pour my very own red lipstick and learn exactly what goes into the process of creating this must-have beauty buy. And while the early-stage process I saw was quite hands-on (it's sped up in mass manufacturing using machines), it was interesting to discover how those perfectly shaped bullets of color make their way from science lab to makeup bag. Take a look at our behind-the-scenes shots for a peek at how your favorite lipsticks make it onto the shelves.

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