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How to Look Less Hungover

How Real Women Use Beauty Products to Conceal a Hangover

How to Look Less Hungover

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When normal women wake up hungover, they immediately reach for the snooze button, some Advil, and a glass of water. But beauty girls know better, and we grab retinol face cream, hydrating eye masks, and heavy concealer (though the extra zzz's, headache-helping pills, and H2O are definitely must dos). Yes, there are things you can do internally to feel better — like chow down a BEC stat — but looking better on the outside will definitely boost your mood. Having really clean skin will also help you appear less bloated and mask that day-after alcohol odor. So if partying has left you a hot mess, keep reading; we have the answers. Ahead, you'll find the actual products POPSUGAR Beauty editors use when we downed one too many drinks. Cheers!

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