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How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

5 Easy Tips For Preventing Ingrown Hairs

Ah, ingrowns. They're painful, they look unpleasant, and they have a nasty tendency to show up in your most sensitive spots. Especially since bikinis and short-shorts are only a few weeks away, there's no better time to find out how to prevent them from happening. Yani Cifuentes, a waxing professional from LA's Stark Waxing Studio, talked to me about what we can do to keep ingrowns from rearing their ugly heads. To get her advice, just keep reading.

What's the best way to prevent ingrown hairs?
Dry exfoliation. It removes the dead skin cells without irritating the skin. You can use a brush to do it, or there are also creams at your waxer's with pineapple enzymes you can use.

How long should your hair be before you come in for a wax to avoid breakage and ingrowns?
At least a quarter-inch, or go at least three to four weeks after your last waxing. And don't shave — shaving just takes you back as if you'd never waxed at all.

How do you develop multiple hairs that get ingrown in one pore?
Usually it's because one hair was coming out, but you tried to pluck or remove it when it was too short, so then another starts growing underneath. That's why it's necessary that you never pick at a small hair or an ingrown — it's much better just to exfoliate.

Where do people most commonly develop ingrowns?
On the sides of their legs, from wearing pants that rub, and along their underwear lines, for similar reasons. Any rubbing or friction can start an ingrown.

What should you do to keep yourself from getting ingrown hairs right after a wax?
Wait two to three days before you wear a thong, and use a cream like Bikini Saver ($20) to keep irritation down.

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