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The Natural No Antiperspirant Update: Pit-y Party

Hi! It's been a few weeks since I last talked to you, and though I've been testing out tons of beauty products and working on Fashion Week, you'll be happy to hear that I've pretty much stuck with my natural hair and skin regimens. Shortly before The Natural ended, though, I dropped antiperspirant in favor of natural deodorant, and changing over has been an experience. Now that I'm a couple months in, I've got some tips and a couple funny stories to share. So just keep reading!

When I first switched over, I was using baking soda, but it was gritty. So I started investigating alternatives, which led me to Lush. I like the brand's Aromaco Bar ($7 for about two months worth) because it doesn't smell like much and goes on smoothly. It's good for daily use, and it lasts until you wash it off.

One of my major issues with dropping antiperspirant, though, was that I was terrified of having public B.O., particularly at my gym. Unfortunately, this nightmare became a reality. The one day I tried to work out with just Aromaco under my arms, I was that girl getting the stank eye from bodybuilders — and you know it's bad when those guys can smell you over themselves.


To fix my gym problem, I decided to double up. So I headed back to Lush and bought the Coconut Deodorant Powder ($7.65), which smells soft and not like fake cheapy coconut. Before I hit the gym, I reapplied the Aromaco, then dusted the deodorant powder over it. The powder stuck to the Aromaco well, and my pits have remained sweetly scented ever since. A guy who looks like Penn Badgley even smiled at me last week.

A couple caveats: It might not smell, but I'm still sweating. However, my t-shirts don't have any pit stains or residual odor, so I'm looking and smelling quite fresh. Also, if I get sloppy with the powder puff and apply too much, I get powder all on my shirt and yoga pants that looks like dandruff. So don't get too enthusiastic with the powdering; while it's easy to clean off, the whole endeavor is messy. That's all for now, but if you have any questions, just let me know in the comments and I'll answer!

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