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How to Take a Flattering Selfie

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Nailing a flattering selfie doesn't have to be a struggle. We've partnered with Clinique to show you how to get it right — no filter necessary.

Looking good in a picture can be a tricky task in itself, but looking good in a picture you take yourself? Game over. Jokes aside, it's totally possible to look your absolute best in those selfies — all it takes is a little prep work. As you probably know from stalking studying your favorite social media stars, everything from choosing the right lighting to angling your face a certain way can have a huge impact on how your photos turn out. But some of our favorite tricks for getting a good snap might be ones you've never thought of before. Keep reading for five ways to up your selfie game and ensure a flattering photo every single time.

1. Loosen your lips

Right before you flash a smile, try blowing a raspberry — you know, that thing babies do in which they exhale while keeping their lips planted firmly together. It's a quick, effective, and fun way to instantly relax your entire face (and not just your mouth) so that your smile appears natural. So easy, right? On-air hosts swear by this trick, and it works just as well for photos as it does for videos.

2. Go for a flawless finish

We're big believers in showcasing your natural beauty, so we suggest opting for full-coverage foundation like Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer, which can even out your skin tone and hide blemishes for flawless, filter-free skin. The lightweight formula is oil-free and hydrating, which ensures you'll look shine-free on camera without drying you out in the process.

3. Hold your phone above eye level

Most people find that their most flattering angle is usually not head-on. If you're giving your best smoldering stare, angle your camera above your face so that you're looking up into the lens, and try a subtle head tilt down and to the side. This technique opens up your eyes, accentuates your cheekbones, and prevents the dreaded double chin.

4. Close your eyes and open them right when you smile

Combine this tip with the raspberry blowing one to achieve your most natural-looking smile. Plus, your eyes will be dilated, making you appear more friendly and approachable.

5. Use a white piece of paper to neutralize lighting

Even if you're not a professional photographer, you can still get perfect lighting in every shot — no editing needed. Simply hold a piece of paper in the corner of the frame (which you can crop out later) for the camera to pick up the correct white balance. This will prevent the colors in the photo from veering too warm or cool, and give a more accurate representation of how they appear in real life.

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