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Jasmine Brown Interview

Jasmine Brown's Secrets For Feeling Confident in Any Situation

Every woman is faced with moments where a confidence boost is much needed. We've partnered with Secret Invisible Sprays to help you through four everyday situations — through beauty and beyond.

Confidence: a buzzword that's practically synonymous with female empowerment yet ironically such a challenge to achieve in our media-frenzied 2017. If there's any group of women who understand exactly what it's like to feel the weight of the digital world, it's the social media stars — actresses, models, and video bloggers — who exist as a community of idols attracting millennial eyes from across the globe. But with success, exposure, and those covetable double taps come judgment and the pressure to comply with every stressful, time-consuming part of the job.

If you think juggling the expectations of one part of the industry is overwhelming, imagine doing that two or three times over. This is what it's like to be a multifaceted star. Take Jasmine Brown, for example: a fun and quirky model, YouTube beauty guru, and Instagram queen with an absolutely killer (seriously, go look at this girl's hair) mane of natural curls.

With a follower count that includes 1.4 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 600K Instagram followers (and growing by the day!), this confidently cool beauty clearly knows a thing or two about speaking to an audience. She's got a steadily packed schedule of events to attend, call times to meet, and videos to film, but she has struck a careful balance between making it all work and staying on her A game. Dying to find out how she does it? Ahead, Jasmine shares her secrets for conquering every part of her busy lifestyle and offers helpful advice for fans and followers to kiss insecurities goodbye.


Take one look at Jasmine's Instagram account and it's easy to guess that she's not often in the same place for long. One day she's moving into her new apartment in Downtown LA, the next she's shooting in New York City. Scroll a few rows down and it's off to the tropics for a relaxing influencer trip to celebrate a product launch. To say this girl is on the move would be an understatement. Even when she's not physically moving, she's working hard editing videos, coming up with new ideas, and commenting back to fans on social media.

But while a constantly moving schedule could easily lead anyone to serious burnout, Jasmine knows how to keep the vibes good and her spirit positive. "When my life is hectic, I just like to remember that a hectic life means I'm doing something right," Jasmine explained. "Even if it may become hectic, it's all stuff that I love doing." When she reminds herself that her job and her passions are one and the same, she knows she's doing something really right.


Ever been faced with a situation that involved socializing with unfamiliar people and you immediately wanted to sprint the other way? We've all been there. But when you're an internet-famous star whose inbox is flooded with invites to buzz-worthy, star-studded events and who is idolized by countless girls, staying on top of your social game is always part of the job. Things can inevitably get a little awkward and too much small talk can be uncomfortable for anyone, but Jasmine has learned a few ways to keep things flowing. "When meeting new people, I love to just act like anyone I meet is already a friend of mine. It makes it easier to break the ice," she said.

And her advice to silencing the socially anxious girl inside us all? Just go for it. "You never know if the other person you're meeting could be nervous too."


Even the most accomplished students, decorated athletes, and successful models can feel self-conscious about their work. Whether it's facing a challenging obstacle or taking a risk and trying something outside of the box, it's easy to question yourself every once in a while. In Jasmine's case, this is is paired with seeing intentionally hurtful — and oftentimes ignorant — online comments that can be taxing on her self-esteem, but Jasmine stays focused on the positive. This is what helps her confidence shine through in front of the camera. "I LOVE hearing good feedback on work that I have done," she told us. "It makes me feel even better about what I created [and] even more proud."

If work or school has you feeling anxious and unsure of yourself, make it your goal to graciously accept praise for a job well done. No matter what form that encouragement comes in, it'll feel amazing to be recognized for the things you're totally nailing.


Yes, even your greatest role models have their moments of insecurity. Jasmine is no exception — especially with social media as her career. "Being in this HUGE world of social media [with] tons of different beautiful faces sometimes makes it hard to shine and not feel invisible," she said. "We are always getting compared to one another."

Although the online world can seem oversaturated, it only takes one thing to stand out from the crowd. Besides inspiring others by rocking her gorgeous curly locks, Jasmine says sharing her personality was the key to conquering those feelings of invisibility. "Now I just like to set myself apart and be different by showing off my personality, because no one can have the same personality as you. That's what makes everyone different and unique."


But while she's chock-full of secrets for boosting your confidence from the inside, she has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to beauty, too. "Keeping my emergency kit with me always is definitely my biggest secret because you never know when you're going to need it," Jasmine said.

Included in this helpful kit of essentials are (of course) her phone, a hydrating lip balm, and the real secret: a deodorant that sprays on totally invisible. You may be surprised, but keeping a bottle of Secret Invisible Spray on hand has saved her from some seriously embarrassing beauty mishaps in the past. It's ultraportable, so all she has to do is pull out her trusty can, give it a shake, and stop sweat stains in their tracks. "Once I totally ran out of my house running late to a shoot and forgot to put on deodorant! But luckily, I had my kit with me in my car. I was about to be at my shoot with the stylist smelling me and me sweating all over my clothes. Glad that didn't happen."

Thanks to her collection of personal mottos, infectiously positive attitude, and last-minute emergency essentials, Jasmine is able to approach every day with confidence. She hopes the same for her fans. "I think it's important for girls to be confident because it shows on the outside, and you just look 10 times more beautiful than you already are if you are confident. You'll always feel good about yourself, no matter if anyone has told you otherwise. If you're confident in yourself, that's the best way to shake off any haters."

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