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Jenna Marbles 100 Layers of Beauty Products Challenge

Woman Applies 100 Layers of ALL of Her Makeup to Horrifying, Hilarious Results

Just when we thought that "100 layers" beauty challenges (see: foundation, liquid lipstick, and nail polish) had hit their peak, legendary vlogger Jenna Marbles took it to the most extreme level. It's safe to say that her hardcore take is the end-all, be-all version of the trend. Instead of applying 100 layers of false lashes, self-tanner, or nail polish, she did them all, in addition to foundation, liquid lip color, and hair spray. (Whew!)

In true Jenna Marbles fashion, the video is as hilarious as it is mesmerizing. "I'm literally sitting on a tarp — this couch will be ruined," she said, buckling down to start applying products. "Everyone, just please, in your hearts, say a prayer . . . for my skin, my lips, my arm, and my Beautyblender . . . because we're all going to die today."

As Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" played in the background, Jenna layered on her first coats of nail lacquer, hair spray, foundation, lip color, self tanner, and false lashes. "Literally, that took five minutes for one round," said her boyfriend. "At that rate, it's going to take 500 minutes." "How many hours is that?" she asked. "Almost 10 hours," he said sheepishly.

She bravely forges on, stopping to show what her 100 lashes look like. They are terrifyingly dense on her lid, going up nearly into the crease and appearing almost like tiny hedgehogs sitting on each eye. "If I look down and then I look up, I can't open my eyes," Jenna announced.

The finished result is simultaneously icky and impressive. "I don't think I would wish this experience on anyone," she said through lipstick-smeared teeth. "My face at this point . . . I don't know if it can ever feel clean again." And though Jenna does attempt to remove all the makeup on camera, she clearly struggles to do so — and who can blame her? Watch to see the intense transformation and brace yourself for some serious laughter.

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