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Jenna Marbles How I Did My Makeup Challenge

Jenna Marbles Captures Every Embarassing Teenage Beauty Phase in 1 Hilarious Video

We've pretty much mastered the art of applying a decently-blended face of makeup, but it wasn't easy getting to that point. In fact, before developing any skills (or having the ability to consult YouTube for tutorials), many of us had to learn how to apply basic makeup and style our hair through trial and (plenty of) error.

If you cringe when flipping through old photos of your teenage makeup days, relax. We've all been there! YouTubers have even been sharing stories of their most embarrassing beauty phases and replicating the dated looks to go along with them.

But Jenna Marbles's account of her unfilled eyebrows, green-tinged foundation, and powder compact-toting days has been by far one of the most hilarious tales we've seen. In her video, Jenna revisited some of her major makeup milestones (or mishaps): her mom busting her in the fifth grade bathroom for sneaking in blue eye shadow, styling her hair with butterfly clips, and pretentiously touching up her mismatched powder foundation during the school day.

Her extremely hilarious description of her teenage self (along with her accurate replicas of each beauty phase) will not only slap you with some serious nostalgia, but make you appreciate your not-so-glamorous makeup days. Watch along and prepare to crack up.

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