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Kat Von D Metal Crush Highlighter Fall 2017

Kat Von D's Metal Crush Highlighter Will "Blind Everyone"

If you thought Kat Von D's metallic Metal Crush Eyeshadow could not shine any brighter, prepare yourself (and put on some glasses) for when you see her newest, shiniest product. On Aug. 17, the brand posted an image of the prototype for the Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter, and all we can think is, "It's lit."

While it's easy to focus on the powder itself, which catches and reflects light like a dream, take a moment to look at the hand that's carrying it. It's absolutely glistening, and the model looks like a shimmering, sun-kissed, mirror goddess. Like its namesake eye shadow, when applied, this Metal Crush highlighter is so vivid, and the subtle pigmentation truly looks luxurious. If Kat Von D's Alchemist Palette didn't already make you bright enough, the beautifully blinding Metal Crush surely will.

While we know that Metal Crush is "coming soon," it still doesn't have an exact release date. After all, this is just a prototype, so we're not sure when we'll finally be able to buy it. We'll keep you updated on a release date. But given that KVD drops products just about every damn day, hopefully the wait won't be too long to blind everyone in sight.

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