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Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Candles

Kat Von D Is Working on Candles So You Can Get Zen Like a Grunge Goddess

Devotees of Kat Von D's beauty brand remember her foray into fragrance back in 2009. It was then that she debuted her first two scents, Sinner (a seductively spicy patchouli) and Saint (sweet sandalwood and vanilla). They were discontinued a few years ago, but fans have been clamoring for their return. According to the brand, these two iconic perfumes will be resurrected this year with the launch of the Saint and Sinner palette. Even better, Kat revealed that there's more coming for those who love the delectable fragrances.

In a recent post to Instagram, the makeup maven revealed rough drafts of artwork she was working on for candles, which have never been sold by her brand before. The illustrations show beautiful scrollwork detailed with skulls that Kat is considering using for the exterior of the glass votive, and the finished look sounds seriously stunning.

"I think laser-cutting this design into negative space linework onto black coated glass would be so nice," she shared. "As the candle melts, the flame would light up this design through the glass."

While this masterpiece is not finalized by any means, we really hope that the candles (and their artwork) come into fruition. We're totally fantasizing about lighting one of these bad boys up and hopping into a tub that's been christened with a black bath bomb. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

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