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Keira Knightley Wore Hat in Love Actually Because of Pimple

Keira Knightley Wore a Hat in Love Actually For a Hilariously Relatable Reason

Our favorite celebrities might have access to salon treatments, makeup, and beauty professionals that we don't, but they're still human, meaning they get uninvited pimples, too. British actress Keira Knightley stopped by BBC Radio 1 to chat all about her most memorable roles recently, and she let us in on a quick wardrobe change that happened to hide a huge pimple during the filming of Love Actually.

During the interview she was asked, "Any fashion regrets? I'm particularly thinking about the hat." You know, that hat Juliet wears to go to Mark's house to ask for the wedding footage? Knightley replied, "Do you know why the hat was there? I had a massive spot in the middle of my forehead. This is the problem with being 17 and being in films. It was humongous. There was no choice, so we had to find a hat to cover it. There was no lighting, there was no makeup that was going to cover it." Fashion choices dictated by unwelcome zits? We can get on board with that. We've all been there, after all: probably not on a film set, but certainly picture day at school.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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