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Are Kylie Lip Kits in Blitzen and Spice the Same Color?

Why Fans Are Furious With Kylie Jenner Over These 2 Lip Kits

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In today's Kylie Cosmetics controversy, fans are taking to Twitter to accuse the star of repackaging existing shades as limited edition β€” and charging more for them. Some shoppers claim that the permanent Spice Lip Kit ($29), which the brand describes as a deepened raspberry-plum, is the exact same hue as Blitzen. Blitzen appeared exclusively in a $45 lip kit quartet that launched over the holidays.

To prove their point, owners of both shades have swatched them out side-by-side. "Why are Spice and Blitzen the same exact shade just different packaging?," queried Twitter user @__calverez. "I'm so mad." While those who purchased Blitzen admittedly did receive four lip products for just six dollars more than one lip kit, we understand the frustration. Beauty collectors take great care in staying informed when it comes to new launches. It makes sense that someone would feel duped after buying what they thought was a new shade only to discover it's something they already own.

Kylie Cosmetics has yet to respond to the allegations, but read on to see the controversial swatches to make your own conclusions.

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