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Le Feu De L'eau Candle Review

Calling All Candle Hoarders! Meet Our Latest Home Scent Obsession

Le Feu De L'eau Candle Review

Somehow, I've become addicted to candles. At this moment my candle count is above 25 (four in the bathroom, 14 in the living room, five in the bedroom, and two in the kitchen). I'm sure I'm breaking some very important home-decor laws, but I adore the allure of a fire-tinged scent opposed to diffusers or electric fresheners.

The latest in my candle collection is the Le Feu De L'eau Violet ($62). No this is not lavender-scented (it's OK to assume that purple and lavender go hand in hand). The fragrance is actually a mix of grapefruit and tobacco, a surprisingly joyous combination. The tobacco appeals to my love of musky and masculine notes, while the citrus element makes it refreshing for the Spring and Summer months. I like to light up this one in the bathroom when I'm planning an at-home spa day. The candle was created using water as a mold (hence the name "the fire of the water"), and the unique process means my candle is an original. See the mood board for this candle below, and add it to your home scent collection.

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