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Lip Plumping Makeup Before and After

See Before and After Photos of 7 Lip-Plumping Products That Work

Lip Plumping Makeup Before and After

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Have you ever asked a plastic surgeon for a brutally honest opinion of your facial features? Well, don't. I recently make this esteem-crushing mistake at a beauty press event when I asked an attending plastic surgeon what he'd do to my face if given the chance, and his response wasn't pretty.

He started with the typical stuff: Botox in my forehead creases, shave down a bump I have on the side of my nose from when I broke it, and add fillers to my top lip "for a more natural Kylie Jenner effect." All of these comments clearly stung, but I just couldn't get over that last mention of lip injections. I've always loved my lips — there was no way I was going to listen to this quack! I brushed off his advice as that of a money-grubbing surgeon who was obviously a bit too trigger-happy when it came to injections (especially considering the amount of Botox he clearly had in his own face).

Although I had tried to ignore his remarks, I couldn't get over his mention of the lip injection craze that was clearly brought on by King Kylie and her stream of pouty selfies. Beauty vloggers have been posting numerous lip-lining tutorials, and heaps of lip-boosting products are selling like hotcakes. A UK-based cosmetic surgery clinic even saw a 70 percent increase in lip injection procedures during the first 24 hours after Kylie Jenner admitted to having lip fillers, so this is clearly more than just a passing trend in the industry.

But drastic measures like injections or the disturbing #KylieJennerLipChallenge simply are not best option when it comes to plumping your pout. So instead, I found a safer alternative by testing out various lip plumping glosses, serums, and lacquers to find the best products to amp up your pucker — no needles necessary.

After testing a ton of lip plumpers, I selected the seven ahead as my favorite. Keep reading to see before and after photos of my amped-up pout! Oh the beauty of makeup . . .

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