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Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum Star Wars

The Force Is Strong With the Newest Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum Balms

Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum Star Wars

If you haven't already been won over by the adorable Lip Smacker Tsum Tsum balms, then prepare for them to rock your world. The company has just announced that a Star Wars line of the irresistible lip treats will be hitting shelves this Spring.

The new flavors are just as sweet as the packaging (which is shaped like your favorite characters from both light and dark sides of the Force). R2-D2 has a fruity R2-D Licious Blueberry scent and the stormtrooper balm's punny name and flavor is Ice Cream Clone. Yoda has been bestowed with a refreshing Jedi Master Mint aroma and Darth Vader is — of course — Darth Chocolate.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until April to get your hands on these four new flavors at your local drugstore, but you can sign up for the Lip Smacker Smoochie Club for the opportunity to purchase them early on Lip Smacker's website on March 20. The power of the Force compels you!

Ahead, see photos of the interstellar new launch.

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